here’s to more trips and exploring the world with you :D

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When Rock Ed first started, everyone including myself ran on a pre-paid line. A young guy from Globe would constantly send me load to help out when we’re coordinating projects, especially when we’d be delivering to provinces, he’d send me load. I was always so grateful and so embarrassed when he’d…

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You&Me=♥ #sweetnothings

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Kuya gave me his old shirt and I decided to spice it up a bit…kinda crooked though i still love it.haha! #ilovemyself #DIY #HumanPH #instagramthatshit

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My #michellephanselfie :D @michellefawn

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Multiple selfies failed due to multiple photobombs by Dongki! #photofancie

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Random photo from kuya’s iphone taken on top of #KLTower. #latepost #malaysia #Menara

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Doctor doctor, Im sick no more! #yayayfree

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Ang walang kamatayang breaktime sa #SevenEleven! Wa’y lain lugar??:/

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